[mixed sero-epidemiologic study of arbovirus-arenavirus in the small mammals of tunisia].blood samples of 156 small mammals caught in tunisia in 1976 and 1977 were examined for the presence of antibodies to some arboviruses and arena-viruses. haemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies against west nile virus were detected in 19.8 0/0 of examined sera, mainly from mus sp., rattus rattus, eliomys tunetae in the northern part of the country and from ctenodactylus gundi and pipistrellus kuhli in the south. in addition, antibodies against uukuniemi and bhanja were found in 3.2 0/0 and 4.5 0 ...1977615674
serologic evidence of west nile virus infection in free-ranging mammals, slidell, louisiana, 2002.after an outbreak of west nile virus (wnv) infections in slidell, louisiana, in 2002, we detected neutralizing antibodies to wnv in 13 of 120 mammals, representing five of six species sampled. seroprevalence was measured in opossum, didelphis virginiana (75%, n = 8), raccoons, procyon lotor (60%, n = 5), black rats, rattus rattus (6%, n = 36), hispid cotton rats, sigmodon hispidus (4%, n = 24), and eastern gray squirrels, sciurus carolinensis (2%, n = 43).200516187899
[the mammals of guinea as reservoirs and carriers of arboviruses].a great body of data on the fauna and ecology of wild mammals and their participation in the circulation of arboviruses were collected when the ecology of the latter of the republic of guinea was studied in 1978 to 1989. a hundred and eighteen species belonging to 10 orders were identified. over 2,000 biological specimens were virologically and serologically examined. six arboviruses were isolated. these included dugbe virus (from the hussar monkey cercopithecus (erythrocebus patas) and 5 viruse ...200616562748
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