bartonella in rodents and ectoparasites in the canary islands, spain: new insights into host-vector-pathogen relationships.bartonella genus is comprised of several species of zoonotic relevance and rodents are reservoirs for some of these bartonella species. as there were no data about the range of bartonella species circulating among rodents in the canary islands, our main aim was to overcome this lack of knowledge by targeting both the citrate synthase (glta) and the rna polymerase beta subunit (rpob) genes. a total of 181 small mammals and 154 ectoparasites were obtained in three of the canary islands, namely ten ...201728660292
bartonella species in fleas from palestinian territories: prevalence and genetic diversity.bartonellosis is an infectious bacterial disease. the prevalence and genetic characteristics of bartonella spp. in fleas of wild and domestic animals from palestinian territories are described. flea samples (n=289) were collected from 121 cats, 135 dogs, 26 hyraxes and seven rats from northern (n=165), central (n=113), and southern palestinian territories (n=11). the prevalent flea species were: ctenocephalides felis (n=119/289; 41.2%), ctenocephalides canis (n=159/289; 55%), and xenopsylla sp. ...201425424254
bartonella spp. in small mammals, benin.this study aimed to investigate the prevalence and genetic diversity of bartonella organisms in small mammals in cotonou, benin. we captured 163 rodents and 12 insectivores and successfully detected bartonella dna from 13 of the 175 small mammal individuals. bartonella spp., identical or closely related to bartonella elizabethae, bartonella tribocorum, and bartonella rochalimae, was detected. a potential new bartonella species, proposed as candidatus bartonella mastomydis, was found in three mas ...201626910412
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