discovery of a novel coronavirus, china rattus coronavirus hku24, from norway rats supports the murine origin of betacoronavirus 1 and has implications for the ancestor of betacoronavirus lineage a.we discovered a novel betacoronavirus lineage a coronavirus, china rattus coronavirus (chrcov) hku24, from norway rats in china. chrcov hku24 occupied a deep branch at the root of members of betacoronavirus 1, being distinct from murine coronavirus and human coronavirus hku1. its unique putative cleavage sites between nonstructural proteins 1 and 2 and in the spike (s) protein and low sequence identities to other lineage a betacoronaviruses (╬▓covs) in conserved replicase domains support chrcov h ...201525552712
resident macrophages (ramified microglia) of the adult brown norway rat central nervous system are constitutively major histocompatibility complex class ii positive.a flow cytometric phenotype for isolated adult central nervous system (cns) ramified microglia was previously defined (cd45low cd11b/c+) in the lewis strain rat, that clearly distinguished these cells from all blood-derived leucocytes, the latter being cd45high. consistent with the reported lack of major histocompatibility complex (mhc) expression in the cns, isolated microglia were mostly mhc class ii-. employing these phenotypic criteria, we now show that a proportion of microglia in brown nor ...19938459208
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