insights on the host associations and geographic distribution of hymenolepis folkertsi (cestoda: hymenolepididae) among rodents across temperate latitudes of north america.synoptic data and an understanding of helminth parasite diversity among diverse rodent assemblages across temperate latitudes of north america remain remarkably incomplete. renewed attention to comprehensive survey and inventory to establish the structure of biodiverse faunas is essential in providing indicators and proxies for identifying the outcomes of accelerating change linked to climate warming and anthropogenic forcing. subsequent to the description of hymenolepis folkertsi in the oldfiel ...201627630100
hymenolepis folkertsi n. sp. (eucestoda: hymenolepididae) in the oldfield mouse peromyscus polionotus (wagner) (rodentia: cricetidae: neotominae) from the southeastern nearctic with comments on tapeworm faunal diversity among deer mice.a previously unrecognized species of hymenolepidid cestode attributable to hymenolepis is described based on specimens in peromyscus polionotus, oldfield mouse, from georgia near the southeastern coast of continental north america. specimens of hymenolepis folkertsi n. sp. differ from those attributed to most other species in the genus by having testes arranged in a triangle and a scolex with a prominent rostrum-like protrusion. the newly recognized species is further distinguished by the relati ...201525762188
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