hepadnaviruses and hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc).members of the hepadnavirus family share properties of virion structure, genome structure and replication, epidemiologic behavior, and pathogenic effects. persistent infections with hepatitis b virus (hbv) in man, woodchuck hepatitis virus (whv) in marmota monax, ground squirrel hepatitis virus (gshv) in spermophilus beecheyi, and duck hepatitis b virus (dhbv) in domestic ducks of china are associated with development of hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc). epidemiological evidence implicating hepadn ...19892559799
harderian gland neoplasms in captive, wild-caught beechey ground squirrels (spermophilus beecheyi).harderian gland neoplasms were identified in 18 aged, adult beechey ground squirrels (spermophilus beecheyi) from the records of 167 wild-caught captive animals that were necropsied. all but one animal had tumors that were classified as carcinomas, with infiltrative growth and frequent metastases. this is the first detailed report of harderian gland neoplasia in wild sciuridae, although this neoplasm has been described in other rodent species. clinically, affected ground squirrels typically were ...200818487500
hepatocellular carcinoma in richardson's ground squirrels (spermophilus richardsonii): evidence for association with hepatitis b-like virus infection.during studies of seasonal obesity, a high frequency of hepatic neoplasms was observed in richardson's ground squirrels. of 12 richardson's ground squirrels examined thoroughly, 7 had mild or moderate degrees of chronic portal hepatitis and 6 (50%) had hepatocellular carcinoma. serological tests for hepadnavirus surface antigen, anti-core antibody and virion dna that recognize the ground squirrel hepatitis virus of california ground squirrels (spermophilus beecheyi) were uniformly negative. sout ...19911646762
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