hantavirus reservoir hosts associated with peridomestic habitats in argentina.five species of sigmodontine rodents have been identified in argentina as the putative reservoirs of six circulating hantavirus genotypes. two species of oligoryzomys are associated with the genotypes causing hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, oligoryzomys flavescens for lechiguanas and o. longicaudatus for andes and oran genotypes. reports of human cases of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome prompted rodent trapping (2,299 rodents of 32 species during 27,780 trap nights) at potential exposure sites in t ...199910603213
a longitudinal study of hantavirus infection in three sympatric reservoir species in agroecosystems on the argentine pampa.prevalence of antibody reactive with sin nombre hantavirus (snv) was evaluated from rodents captured over 31 months (march 1988 to september 1990) from six mark-recapture grids on the central argentine pampa. the most frequently infected rodents were: akodon azarae (31/459), necromys benefactus (8/141), and oligoryzomys flavescens (10/281), which are known hosts of pergamino, maciel, and lechiguanas hantaviruses, respectively. relative population density and antibody prevalence varied seasonally ...200717627443
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