resistance to plague of mus spretus seg/pas mice requires the combined action of at least four genetic factors.we have previously described seg/pas as the first mouse inbred strain able to survive subcutaneous injection of virulent yersinia pestis, the agent of plague, and we identified yprl1, yprl2 and yprl3 as three quantitative trait loci (qtls) controlling this exceptional phenotype in females from a backcross between seg/pas and c57bl/6 strains. we have now developed congenic strains to further characterize the extent and effect of these genomic regions. in this study, we confirm the importance of t ...201323151488
mus spretus seg/pas mice resist virulent yersinia pestis, under multigenic control.laboratory mice are well known to be highly susceptible to virulent strains of yersinia pestis in experimental models of bubonic plague. we have found that mus spretus-derived seg/pas (seg) mice are exceptionally resistant to virulent co92 and 6/69 wild type strains. upon subcutaneous injection of 10(2) colony-forming units (cfu), 90% of females and 68% of males survived, compared with only an 8% survival rate for both male and female c57bl/6 mice. furthermore, half of the seg mice survived a ch ...201120861861
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