a novel splice variant of human gene gdpd1 is mainly expressed in human ovary and small intestine.glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase (gdpd) is a glycerol metabolizing enzyme that has been previously identified in escherichia coli, haemophilus influenzae, bacillus subtilis and borrelia hermsii. it has been also reported that there is putative protein containing gdpd domain in mus musculus, but not in homo sapiens. smart analysis showed that our predicted protein and three others of the same gene also comprise this domain. because the gene has not been named, we termed it gdpd1 and accord ...200314612981
broad diversity of host responses of the white-footed mouse peromyscus leucopus to borrelia infection and antigens.peromyscus leucopus, the white-footed mouse, is one of the more abundant mammals of north america and is a major reservoir host for at least five tickborne diseases of humans, including lyme disease and a newly-recognized form of relapsing fever. in comparison to mus musculus, which is not a natural reservoir for any of these infections, there has been little research on experimental infections in p. leucopus. with the aim of further characterizing the diversity of phenotypes of host responses, ...201526005106
elevated carbon monoxide in the exhaled breath of mice during a systemic bacterial infection.blood is the specimen of choice for most laboratory tests for diagnosis and disease monitoring. sampling exhaled breath is a noninvasive alternative to phlebotomy and has the potential for real-time monitoring at the bedside. improved instrumentation has advanced breath analysis for several gaseous compounds from humans. however, application to small animal models of diseases and physiology has been limited. to extend breath analysis to mice, we crafted a means for collecting nose-only breath sa ...201323936104
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