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[experimental latent tularemia in common voles].common voles (microtus subarvalis) were infected with tularemia by feeding them with the corpses of the animals which had been infected with francisella tularensis strain having somewhat decreased virulence. this resulted in nonlethal infection in 14 out of 433 voles used in the experiment. a considerable part of the animals having had the infection developed bacterial carriership (11 out of 13 animals) with bacteriuria (8 out of 11 animals) lasting up to 2 months. the persistence of francisella ...19827043979
persistence of francisella tularensis mccoy et chapin tularemia agent in the organism of highly sensitive rodents after oral the literature there are no data on the possibility of obtaining in experiment non-fatal tularemia infection (persistence) in rodents highly sensitive to it (group i) when using highly virulent strains circulating in nature for infection by natural routes. our detailed experiments on 1483 adult voles microtus rossiaemeridionalis ogn. (syn. m. subarvalis meyer et al.) of laboratory origin using virulent strains of francisella tularensis holarctica ols. et meshch. and natural alimentary infecti ...19846396330
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