complete nucleotide sequence of a chilean hantavirus.we have determined the genomic sequence of an andes virus (andv) strain isolated from an infected oligoryzomys longicaudatus rodent trapped in chile in 1997. this strain, for which we propose the designation chile r123, reproduces essential attributes of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) when injected intramuscularly into laboratory hamsters (hooper et al., virology 289 (2001) 6-14). the l, m, and s segment sequences of chile r123 are 6562, 3671, and 1871 nt long, respectively, with an overall ...200212367756
active and passive vaccination against hantavirus pulmonary syndrome with andes virus m genome segment-based dna vaccine.hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) is a rapidly progressing human disease with one of the highest case fatality rates (30 to 50%) of any acute viral disease known. there are no vaccines, effective antiviral drugs, or immunologics to prevent or treat hps. in an attempt to develop hps medical countermeasures, we constructed an expression plasmid, pwrg/and-m, that contains the full-length m genome segment of andes virus (andv), a south american hantavirus. transfection experiments in cell culture ...200312941899
andes virus m genome segment is not sufficient to confer the virulence associated with andes virus in syrian hamsters.sin nombre virus (snv) and andes virus (andv), members of the genus hantavirus, in the family bunyaviridae, are causative agents of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) in north and south america, respectively. although andv causes a lethal hps-like disease in hamsters, snv, and all other hps-associated hantaviruses that have been tested, cause asymptomatic infections of laboratory animals, including hamsters. in an effort to understand the pathogenicity of andv in the hamster model, we generated ...200415262501
temporal analysis of andes virus and sin nombre virus infections of syrian hamsters.andes virus (andv) and sin nombre virus (snv) are rodent-borne hantaviruses that cause a highly lethal hemorrhagic fever in humans known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps). there are no vaccines or specific drugs to prevent or treat hps, and the pathogenesis is not understood. syrian hamsters infected with andv, but not snv, develop a highly lethal disease that closely resembles hps in humans. here, we performed a temporal pathogenesis study comparing andv and snv infections in hamsters. snv ...200717475651
a lethal disease model for hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in immunosuppressed syrian hamsters infected with sin nombre virus.sin nombre virus (snv) is a rodent-borne hantavirus that causes hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) predominantly in north america. snv infection of immunocompetent hamsters results in an asymptomatic infection; the only lethal disease model for a pathogenic hantavirus is andes virus (andv) infection of syrian hamsters. efforts to create a lethal snv disease model in hamsters by repeatedly passaging virus through the hamster have demonstrated increased dissemination of the virus but no signs of ...201324198421
the adaptive immune response does not influence hantavirus disease or persistence in the syrian hamster.pathogenic new world hantaviruses cause severe disease in humans characterized by a vascular leak syndrome, leading to pulmonary oedema and respiratory distress with case fatality rates approaching 40%. hantaviruses infect microvascular endothelial cells without conspicuous cytopathic effects, indicating that destruction of the endothelium is not a mechanism of disease. in humans, high levels of inflammatory cytokines are present in the lungs of patients that succumb to infection. this, along wi ...201323600567
a lethal disease model for new world hantaviruses using immunosuppressed syrian hamsters.hantavirus, the hemorrhagic causative agent of two clinical diseases, is found worldwide with variation in severity, incidence and mortality. the most lethal hantaviruses are found on the american continent where the most prevalent viruses like andes virus and sin nombre virus are known to cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. new world hantavirus infection of immunocompetent hamsters results in an asymptomatic infection except for andes virus and maporal virus; the only hantaviruses causing a le ...201729077702
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