[study on the natural foci of marmota himalayana plague in sichuan province].to explore the existence of natural foci on marmota himalayana plague in sichuan province and to provide basis for prevention and control of the disease.200919957628
[regional genotyping and the geographical distribution regarding yersinia pestis isolates in china].to type yersinia (y.) pestis isolates under different regions (dfr) and to observe their geographical distributions in china.201425376688
primary case of human pneumonic plague occurring in a himalayan marmot natural focus area gansu province, china.a case of primary pneumonic plague (ppp) caused by yersinia pestis is reported. this case occurred in the largest plague area in china. the patient died after contact with a dog that had captured an infected marmot. three of 151 contacts were shown to be positive for antibody against f1 antigen by indirect hemagglutination assay, but none had clinical symptoms. there was no secondary case.201525555623
[study of the plasmid profiles and geographical distribution of yersinia pestis in china].to analyze the plasmid features and geographical distribution characteristics of yersinia pestis of different plague foci in china.201525876488
[the 102 kb pigmentation (pgm) locus of yersinia pestis isolated from microtus brandti].to find out the differences between 102 kb pgm locus of yersinia pestis isolated from microtus brandti with of other types, and the characters of yersinia pestis isolated from microtus brandti caused by their makeup of the 102 kb pgm locus.200312820948
mechanism study on a plague outbreak driven by the construction of a large reservoir in southwest china (surveillance from 2000-2015).plague, a yersinia pestis infection, is a fatal disease with tremendous transmission capacity. however, the mechanism of how the pathogen stays in a reservoir, circulates and then re-emerges is an enigma.201728257423
helicobacter himalayensis sp. nov. isolated from gastric mucosa of marmota himalayana.a gram-stain-negative, microaerophilic strain, 80(ys1)t, with a spiral-shaped morphology and 1-2 sheathed flagella at each end of the cells was isolated from the gastric mucosa of marmota himalayana, the animal reservoir of yersinia pestis in china, on the qinghai-tibet plateau. the strain grew at 30, 35 and 42 °c, but not at 25 °c. growth was in the form of a thinly spreading film on brain heart infusion agar containing 8 % sheep blood under microaerobic conditions. the strain did not hydrolyse ...201525736414
[study on the genotyping and microevolution of yersinia pestis in the qinghai-tibet plateau].to study the distribution of genomovars and microevolution of yersinia pestis in the qinghai-tibet plateau.200616981338
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