[development of the disease in marmot at the intranasal infection with the monkeypox virus].in experimental study the sensitivity of the marmota bobak species to the monkeypox virus (mpxv) with the intranasal (i/n) infection was tested. it was demonstrated that 50% of the infective dose (id50) of the mpxv on external clinical signs of the disease was 2.2 ig plaque forming units (pfu). the percentage of the marmot mortality is slightly dependent on the infecting dose of the mpxv, therefore it is not possible to correctly determine the value of 50 % fatal dose (fd50) for these animals. t ...201527024916
using the ground squirrel (marmota bobak) as an animal model to assess monkeypox drug experiments to study the sensitivity of ground squirrels (marmota bobak) to monkeypox virus (mpxv) at intranasal challenge, expressed pox-like clinical symptoms (hyperthermia, lymphadenitis, skin rash all over the body and mucous membranes and others) were observed 7-9 days post-infection. the 50% infective dose (id50 ) of mpxv for these marmots determined by the presence of clinical signs of the disease was 2.2 log10 pfu. some diseased marmots (about 40%) died 13-22 days post-infection, and ...201725944444
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