comparative live bioluminescence imaging of monkeypox virus dissemination in a wild-derived inbred mouse (mus musculus castaneus) and outbred african dormouse (graphiurus kelleni).monkeypox virus belongs to the orthopoxvirus genus, infects rodents and monkeys in africa, produces a smallpox-like zoonotic disease in humans, and has the potential for global spread and exploitation for bioterrorism. several small animal models for studying monkeypox virus pathogenesis have been investigated. the african dormouse is a candidate natural host but is outbred and no immunological reagents exist. although not a natural host, the cast/eij mouse is inbred and animals and reagents are ...201525462355
management and care of african dormice (graphiurus kelleni).african dormice (graphiurus spp.) are small nocturnal rodents that currently are uncommon in laboratory settings. their use may increase as they have recently been shown to develop an infection with monkeypox virus and may prove to be a valuable animal model for infectious disease research. because african dormice are not commercially available, an extensive breeding colony is required to produce the animals needed for research use. husbandry modifications that increased the production of offspr ...201020353691
experimental infection of an african dormouse (graphiurus kelleni) with monkeypox virus.suitable animal models are needed to study monkeypox virus (mpxv) as human monkeypox clinically resembles smallpox and mpxv is a zoonotic and potential bioterroristic agent. we have demonstrated that a species of african dormice, graphiurus kelleni, is susceptible to a lethal infection of mpxv and that mpxv replicated in multiple organs of this species. following intranasal administration, mpxv replicated locally in the nasal mucosa causing necrosis and hemorrhage with subsequent systemic spread ...200918977501
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