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sarcocystis clethrionomyelaphis matuschka, 1986 (apicomplexa: sarcocystidae) infecting the large oriental vole eothenomys miletus (thomas) (cricetidae: microtinae) and its phylogenetic relationships with other species of sarcocystis lankester, 1882.sarcocystis clethrionomyelaphis matuschka, 1986 was first identified in skeletal muscles of 47 (75.8%) of 62 large oriental voles eothenomys miletus (thomas) captured between march 2012 and may 2014 in anning prefecture of yunnan province (china). sarcocyst walls were thick and possessed villous protrusions measuring 3.5-5.5 μm in length. beauty rat snakes elaphe taeniura (cope) fed sarcocysts of the species shed sporulated oöcysts measuring 13-18×9-13 (16×12) μm with a prepatent period of 16 to ...201526063304
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