small mammal survival and trapability in mark-recapture monitoring programs for hantavirus.following the 1993 hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) epidemic in the south-western united states, mammalogists and epidemiologists instituted long-term studies to monitor population density and prevalence of infection in rodents which constitute the reservoir for sin nombre virus (snv). in this study, field techniques used in sampling small mammals for snv infection were evaluated to determine if trapping and handling protocols were having significant effects on future trapability or mortality ...19989476220
sin nombre virus and rodent species diversity: a test of the dilution and amplification hypotheses.species diversity is proposed to greatly impact the prevalence of pathogens. two predominant hypotheses, the "dilution effect" and the "amplification effect", predict divergent outcomes with respect to the impact of species diversity. the dilution effect predicts that pathogen prevalence will be negatively correlated with increased species diversity, while the amplification effect predicts that pathogen prevalence will be positively correlated with diversity. for many host-pathogen systems, the ...200919649283
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