an outbreak of francisella tularensis in captive prairie dogs: an immunohistochemical immunohistochemical assay was developed and tested for detection of francisella tularensis lipopolysaccaride antigen in tissues of captive prairie dogs (cynomys ludovicianus). tissues from 59 cases of f. tularensis were examined by this technique, which was corroborated by direct fluorescent antibody assay and direct isolation of the organism. in infected prairie dogs, studies indicated multiple, severe, necroprurulent foci occurring in the liver, lung, spleen, terminal ileum, and mandibular ...200415053367
physiologic reference ranges for captive black-tailed prairie dogs (cynomys ludovicianus).the black-tailed prairie dog (cynomys ludovicianus) is a member of the order rodentia and the family sciuridae. ecologically, prairie dogs are a keystone species in prairie ecology. this species is used as an animal model for human gallbladder disease and diseases caused by infection with clostridium difficile, yersinia pestis, francisella tularensis, and most recently, orthopoxvirus. despite increasing numbers of prairie dogs used in research and kept as pets, few data are available on their ba ...201020587156
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