epidemiology of human and animal kobuviruses.kobuviruses are member of the family picornaviridae. initially, members in kobuvirus genus were named according to the basis of their host species. the viruses found in humans called "aichi virus", the viruses from cattle called "bovine kobuvirus", and the viruses isolated from pigs called "porcine kobuvirus". currently, taxonomy of kobuviruses has been proposed and the virus species have been renamed. the "aichi virus" has been renamed as "aichivirus a", "bovine kobuvirus" has been renamed as " ...201425674585
identification and complete genome analysis of kobuvirus in faecal samples of european roller (coracias garrulus): for the first time in a bird.the genus kobuvirus (picornaviridae) consists of three species, aichivirus a (e.g., aichi virus, which infects humans), aichivirus b and aichivirus c. kobuvirus have not been detected in non-mammal species including birds. in this study, a novel kobuvirus was identified in 3 (17 %) out of 18 faecal samples collected from european rollers (coracias garrulus) in hungary. the complete genome sequence of strain szal6-kov/2011/hun (kj934637), which was determined using a novel 5'/3' race method (dsrn ...201525195063
phylogenetic analysis of kobuviruses and astroviruses from korean wild boars: 2016-2018.between 2016 and 2018, the prevalence of porcine kobuvirus (pkov) and porcine astrovirus (pastv) in korean wild boars (n = 845) was 28.0% and 10.7%, respectively. coinfection by both viruses was detected in 5.1% of boars. phylogenetic analysis revealed that 134 pkov isolates belonged to diverse lineages within the species aichivirus c; however, one strain (wkov16cn-8627) clustered with bovine kobuvirus (aichivirus b). forty-seven pastvs belonged to lineage pastv4, and only one strain (wast17jn-1 ...202134244861
molecular survey on kobuviruses in domestic and wild ungulates from northwestern italian alps.since the first identification in 1989 in humans, kobuviruses (kovs) have been identified from a wide range of animal species including carnivores, rodents, birds, ungulates, rabbits, and bats. several studies have described the identification of genetically related kovs in the fecal virome of domestic and wild animals suggesting a mutual exchange of viruses. by screening a total of 231 fecal samples from wild and domestic ungulates, kovs rna was detected in wild boars (3.2%; 2/63), chamois (4.6 ...202134195249
kobuvirus detection in the critically endangered pygmy hog (porcula salvania), india.pygmy hogs (porcula salvania) are the smallest and rarest wild suid. it is categorized as a critically endangered species as per the red list of the international union for conservation of nature. this study reports the first detection of a single-stranded rna virus species, aichivirus c, belonging to the genus kobuvirus (kobv) and the family picornaviridae, in pygmy hogs. kobv species are identified as a cause of acute gastroenteritis among children in india. as of now, there exists no report o ...202133827197
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