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complete genome sequence of the english isolate of rat cytomegalovirus (murid herpesvirus 8).the complete genome of the english isolate of rat cytomegalovirus (rcmv-e) was determined. rcmv-e has a 202,946-bp genome with noninverting repeats but without terminal repeats. thus, it differs significantly in size and genomic arrangement from closely related rodent cytomegaloviruses (cmvs). to account for the differences between the rat cmv isolates of maastricht and england, rcmv-e was classified as murid herpesvirus 8 by the international committee on taxonomy of viruses.201223166247
cytomegalovirus expresses the chemokine homologue vxcl1 capable of attracting xcr1+ cd4- dendritic cells.cytomegaloviruses (cmv) have developed various strategies to escape the immune system of the host. one strategy involves the expression of virus-encoded chemokines to modulate the host chemokine network. we have identified in the english isolate of rat cmv (murid herpesvirus 8 [muhv8]) an open reading frame encoding a protein homologous to the chemokine xcl1, the only known c chemokine. viral xcl1 (vxcl1), a glycosylated protein of 96 amino acids, can be detected 13 h postinfection in the supern ...201424155383
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