role of the leader sequence during thermal repression of translation in maize, tobacco, and carrot protoplasts.the 5'-untranslated leader of maize (zea mays) heat-shock protein (hsp) 70 mrna is required for translational competence during heat shock in protoplasts. when the beta-glucuronidase gene was used as a reporter mrna, expression at elevated temperatures increased more than 10-fold when the hsp70 leader constituted the 5'-untranslated region. the hsp70 leader did not affect the physical half-life of the mrna and, therefore, does not function at the level of transcript stability. the maize hsp70 le ...199216653204
plant virus uncoating as a result of virus-cell wall interactions.the fate of tobacco rattle virus (trv) particles was studied after leaf panel infiltration. it was found that end-on virus attachment to cell walls of hosts (nicotiana tobacum l. var. xanthi-nc) and nonhosts (zea mays l.) occurred, and that a virus degradative phase commenced immediately after attachment. length of trv particles changed drastically following infiltration. the normal length of the particles became smaller than that of the particle carrying the coat protein gene (108 nm). five day ...197918631589
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