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gentian mosaic virus: a new species in the genus fabavirus.abstract a viral isolate, designated n-1 and obtained from a gentian (gentiana scabra) plant that exhibited mosaic symptoms, was transmitted mechanically to nine plant species in six families. these plants are known as hosts of fabaviruses. the n-1 isolate was composed of isometric particles 30 nm in diameter and included two rna molecules of approximately 6.0 and 3.6 kb in length, as estimated by agarose gel electrophoresis. the rnas were encapsidated separately in two of the three types of par ...200518943990
detection and identification of species of the genus fabavirus by rt-pcr with a single pair of primers.the genus fabavirus includes three species: broad bean wilt virus 1 (bbwv-1), bbwv-2 and lamium mild mosaic virus (lmmv), but a new candidate species, gentian mosaic virus (gemv), has been proposed. analysis of the complete nucleotide sequences of fabaviruses was used to design a pair of conserved primers for specific detection of members of this genus. these primers encompassed the 5'-terminal non-translatable region (ntr) , whose size for bbwv-1, bbwv-2 and gemv was different. rt-pcr, with thi ...200717475342
detection and identification of fabavirus species by one-step rt-pcr and multiplex rt-pcr.the genus fabavirus of the family secoviridae comprises a group of poorly characterized viruses. to date, only five species have been described: broad bean wilt virus 1 (bbwv-1), broad bean wilt virus 2 (bbwv-2), lamium mild mosaic virus (lmmv), gentian mosaic virus (gemv) and cucurbit mild mosaic virus (cummv). the development is described of two rt-pcr procedures for the detection and identification of fabavirus species: a one-step rt-pcr using a single pair of conserved primers for the detect ...201424361876
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