complete genomic sequence analysis reveals a novel fabavirus infecting cucurbits in china.the complete genome sequence of a cucurbit-infecting fabavirus was determined. sequence analysis revealed that it had a genomic organization typical of fabaviruses, with genome segment sizes of 5870 nt (rna-1) and 3294 nt (rna-2). it shared cp and pro-pol amino acid sequence identities of 52.0-58.9% with those of reported fabaviruses. elisa and western blots gave no cross-reactions between this cucurbit virus and broad bean wilt viruses 1 and 2. based on molecular and serological criteria for sp ...201222187104
detection and identification of fabavirus species by one-step rt-pcr and multiplex rt-pcr.the genus fabavirus of the family secoviridae comprises a group of poorly characterized viruses. to date, only five species have been described: broad bean wilt virus 1 (bbwv-1), broad bean wilt virus 2 (bbwv-2), lamium mild mosaic virus (lmmv), gentian mosaic virus (gemv) and cucurbit mild mosaic virus (cummv). the development is described of two rt-pcr procedures for the detection and identification of fabavirus species: a one-step rt-pcr using a single pair of conserved primers for the detect ...201424361876
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