isolation of primate calicivirus pan paniscus type 1 from a douc langur (pygathrix nemaeus l.). 19854078979
calicivirus isolation and persistence in a pygmy chimpanzee (pan paniscus).what may be the first calicivirus isolate from any primate species, including man, was recovered from a herpesvirus-like lip lesion on a pygmy chimpanzee and then, 6 months later, from the throat of the same animal. the infected individual and its cage mates had circulating antibodies that were type-specific for this calicivirus. the agent was antigenically different from 30 other calicivirus serotypes and is tentatively designated primate calicivirus pan paniscus type 1 (pcv-pan 1).19836304880
calicivirus isolation from three species of primates: an incidental finding.calicivirus isolations were made from 3 species of subhuman primates. viruses were recovered from gingival lesions associated with periodontal disease in a spider monkey, from the oropharynx of a healthy silver leaf langur, and from the spleen of a lowland gorilla that had died of systemic coccidioidomycosis. based on the results of cross-neutralization tests, all 3 isolates were serologically indistinguishable from a primate calicivirus pan paniscus type 1. these isolations appeared to be incid ...19852998241
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