a papillomavirus related to hpv type 13 in oral focal epithelial hyperplasia in the pygmy epizootic of focal epithelial hyperplasia (feh) or morbus heck in a pygmy chimpanzee (pan paniscus) colony is described. papovavirus-like particles were observed in the nuclei of epithelial cells. analysis of the dna of the lesions revealed an episomal papillomavirus-specific band with a molecular size of approximately 8,000 bp. in situ hybridization under high stringency conditions showed cross-hybridization between the chimpanzee papillomavirus dna and human papillomavirus (hpv) type 13. th ...19911654423
human papillomavirus type 13 and pygmy chimpanzee papillomavirus type 1: comparison of the genome organizations.human papillomavirus type 13(hpv-13) is associated with oral focal epithelial hyperplasia (feh) in humans. a recent epidemic of a feh-like disease in a pygmy chimpanzee (pan paniscus) colony allowed us to clone a novel papillomavirus genome. to assess the homology between hpv-13 and the pygmy chimpanzee papillomavirus type 1 (pcpv-1), the complete nucleotide sequences of both feh-related viruses were determined. in both viruses, all eight major open reading frames were located on one strand and ...19921325697
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