isolation and characterization of adenoviruses persistently shed from the gastrointestinal tract of non-human primates.adenoviruses are important human pathogens that have been developed as vectors for gene therapies and genetic vaccines. previous studies indicated that human infections with adenoviruses are self-limiting in immunocompetent hosts with evidence of some persistence in adenoid tissue. we sought to better understand the natural history of adenovirus infections in various non-human primates and discovered that healthy populations of great apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans) and maca ...200919578438
adenoviruses isolated from wild gorillas are closely related to human species c viruses.we have isolated and cultured three distinct adenoviruses from wild gorillas. phylogenetic analysis grouped the viruses with human adenovirus species c based on dna polymerase, hexon, and e4orf6 genes. the three wild gorilla adenoviruses clustered with the other species c captive gorilla adenoviruses, forming a branch separate from human and chimpanzee/bonobo adenoviruses. animal sera to the three newly isolated viruses did not cross-neutralize, demonstrating serological distinctiveness. the hum ...201323806387
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