a serological survey of ebola virus infection in central african nonhuman primates.we used an elisa to determine the prevalence of igg antibodies specific for the zaire subtype of ebola virus in 790 nonhuman primates, belonging to 20 species, studied between 1985 and 2000 in cameroon, gabon, and the republic of congo. the seroprevalence rate of ebola antibody in wild-born chimpanzees was 12.9%, indicating that (1) ebola virus circulates in the forests of a large region of central africa, including countries such as cameroon, where no human cases of ebola infections have been r ...200415529251
morbidity and mortality of wild animals in relation to outbreaks of ebola haemorrhagic fever in gabon, 1994-2003.antibody to ebola virus was found in 14 (1.2%) of 1147 human sera collected in gabon in 1981-1997. six seropositive subjects were bled in the northeast in 1991, more than 3 years prior to recognition of the first known outbreak of ebola haemorrhagic fever (ehf), whilst eight came from the southwest where the disease has not been recognised. it has been reported elsewhere that 98 carcasses of wild animals were found in systematic studies in northeastern gabon and adjoining northwestern republic o ...200717010400
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