langerhans cells in oral mucosa of rhesus monkeys before and after infection by simian retrovirus-1 and simian immunodeficiency study the influence of experimental infection with simian retrovirus-1 and simian immunodeficiency virus on the number and distribution of langerhans cells in oral mucosa of rhesus monkeys, 10 monkeys were intravenously inoculated with simian retrovirus-1, 7 with simian immunodeficiency virus, and 2 were mock-inoculated. biopsies were taken from gingiva and cheek pouch before infection and at 1 (simian immunodeficiency virus group only), 4, and 7 months after infection. langerhans cells were ...19938284080
characterization of t cell epitopes on the envelope glycoprotein of simian retrovirus 1 and 2 (srv-1 and srv-2) in several mouse strains.various mouse strains were immunized with either srv-1 or srv-2 virus adsorbed on alum. seven to 14 days later spleen cells were removed, and spleen cells were cultured with varying amounts of srv-1 virus and srv-2 virus, or varying amounts of selected srv-1 and srv-2 synthetic envelope peptides to determine their ability to initiate t cell proliferative responses. our studies demonstrated that all mouse strains tested gave strong proliferative responses with srv-2 virus. in contrast, srv-1 viru ...19921378937
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