experimental congenital disease with simian cytomegalovirus in rhesus monkeys.cytomegalovirus (cmv) infections occur worldwide and are responsible for severe damage to the child in from one to five newborns per 20,000 births. animal models of congenital cmv infection resulting in disease have been developed in mice and guinea pigs. we report here the development of ventricular dilatation and leptomeningitis in rhesus monkeys, macaca mulatta, following intrauterine infection with rhesus cytomegalovirus (rcmv). central nervous system (cns) lesions were associated with low c ...19863016936
natural and experimental simian cytomegalovirus infections at a primate center.simian cytomegalovirus infections were studied in captive, naturally infected primates and in experimentally infected rhesus monkeys. neutralizing antibody to simian cytomegalovirus was prevalent in selected species of old world monkeys. naturally infected, rhesus monkeys shed virus in their urine during the entire two-year period of study. similarly, experimentally infected rhesus monkeys showed neutralizing antibody and viruria for more than two years. the indirect fluorescent antibody procedu ...19826306240
stealth adaptation of an african green monkey simian cytomegalovirus.dna extracted from cultures of a cytopathic virus isolated from a patient with chronic fatigue syndrome was cloned into pbluescript plasmid. the nucleotide sequences of the plasmid inserts were analyzed using the blastn and blastx programs of the national center for biotechnology information. in confirmation of earlier studies, many of the sequences show partial homology to various regions within the genome of human cytomegalovirus (hcmv). the matching regions were unevenly distributed throughou ...199910331958
simian cytomegalovirus and contamination of oral poliovirus the 1950s the use of primary rhesus macaque kidney cultures to propagate poliovirus for vaccine production led to the contamination of vaccines with simian virus 40 (sv40). african green monkey kidney (agmk) cultures free of sv40 were used as an alternative cell substrate for vaccine manufacture. in this study we evaluate oral poliovirus seeds, vaccine bulks and vaccines themselves for the presence of a common contaminant of agmk cultures, simian cytomegalovirus (scmv). using sensitive polyme ...200312623061
african green monkey origin of the atypical cytopathic 'stealth virus' isolated from a patient with chronic fatigue syndrome.a cytomegalovirus-like 'stealth virus' had previously been isolated from a patient with the chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs).199515566831
properties of virion transactivator proteins encoded by primate cytomegaloviruses.human cytomegalovirus (hcmv) is a betaherpesvirus that causes severe disease in situations where the immune system is immature or compromised. hcmv immediate early (ie) gene expression is stimulated by the virion phosphoprotein pp71, encoded by open reading frame (orf) ul82, and this transactivation activity is important for the efficient initiation of viral replication. it is currently recognized that pp71 acts to overcome cellular intrinsic defences that otherwise block viral ie gene expressio ...200919473490
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