serotypic characterization of outer capsid spike protein vp4 of vervet monkey rotavirus sa11 strain.the vervet monkey rotavirus sa11, a prototype strain of group a rotaviruses, has been shown to possess vp7 serotype 3 specificity but its neutralization specificity with regard to the other outer capsid protein vp4 has not been elucidated. we thus determined its vp4 specificity by two-way cross-neutralization with guinea pig antiserum prepared with a single gene substitution reassortant that had only the vp4-encoding gene from the simian rotavirus sa11 strain and remaining ten genes from human r ...19989687880
a rotavirus strain isolated from pig-tailed macaque (macaca nemestrina) with diarrhea bears a p6[1]:g8 specificity.a distinct rotavirus strain (ptrv) was isolated in cell cultures from a stool sample obtained from a diarrheic 3-year-old female pig-tailed macaque (macaca nemestrina) that was born at the breeding colony of the university of washington in seattle. unlike other known simian rotavirus strains including vervet monkey rotavirus sa11 which bears p5b[2]:g3 or p6[1]:g3 specificity, rhesus monkey rotavirus mmu18006 with p5b[3]:g3 specificity, pig-tailed macaque rotavirus yk-1 with p[3]:g3 specificity a ...200616242747
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