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[middle east respiratory syndrome (mers): bats or dromedary, which of them is responsible?].in 2012 a new viral emergent human disease appeared in the middle east. this entity was named mers for' middle east respiratory syndrome'. by january 9, 2014, the disease had already struck 178 persons of whom 75 died from respiratory failure and diarrhoea. as the new disease was very similar to the deadly sars (2002-2003) and since it was provoked by a betacoronavirus, chiroptera were first suspected to be at the origin of this infection. morever, recent studies performed in saudi arabia showed ...201424532303
middle-east respiratory syndrome coronavirus: is it worth a world panic?in 2012 middle-east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov) was evolved in the arabian peninsula. tremendous and successful efforts have been conducted to discover the genome structure, epidemiology, clinical signs, pathogenesis, diagnosis and antiviral therapy. taphozous perforatus bats are the incriminated reservoir host and camels are the currently confirmed animal linker. the virus resulted in less than 1000 infected cases and 355 deaths. the case fatality rate of the mers-cov is high, h ...201526279980
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