mouse fibroblast l929 cells are less permissive to infection by nelson bay orthoreovirus compared to other mammalian cell recent years, bats have been identified as a natural reservoir for a diverse range of viruses. nelson bay orthoreovirus (nbv) was first isolated from the heart blood of a fruit bat (pteropus poliocephalus) in 1968. while the pathogenesis of nbv remains unknown, other related members of this group have caused acute respiratory disease in humans. thus the potential for nbv to impact human health appears plausible. here, to increase our knowledge of nbv, we examined the replication and infectivi ...201525748429
pulau virus; a new member of the nelson bay orthoreovirus species isolated from fruit bats in malaysia.after the outbreak of nipah virus (niv) in 1998-99, which resulted in 105 human deaths and the culling of more than one million pigs, a search was initiated for the natural host reservoir of niv on tioman island off the east coast of malaysia. three different syncytia-forming viruses were isolated from fruit bats on the island. they were nipah virus, tioman virus (a novel paramyxovirus related to menangle virus), and a reovirus, named pulau virus (puv), which is the subject of this study. puv di ...200616205863
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