[zoonoses caused by new viruses in the paramyxoviridae family].based on the literature data, the outbreaks of new zoonoses caused by new members of the family paramyxoviridae are briefly presented. some characteristics of hendra and nipah virus, epidemiological aspects, clinical picture and pathology are described. fruit bats are mentioned as the key to the epidemiology of hendra virus. the virus was isolated from affected humans, horses, and from the uterine fluids of a grey-headed fruit bat (pteropus poliocephalus). new morbillivirus designated nipah viru ...200111554115
pulau virus; a new member of the nelson bay orthoreovirus species isolated from fruit bats in malaysia.after the outbreak of nipah virus (niv) in 1998-99, which resulted in 105 human deaths and the culling of more than one million pigs, a search was initiated for the natural host reservoir of niv on tioman island off the east coast of malaysia. three different syncytia-forming viruses were isolated from fruit bats on the island. they were nipah virus, tioman virus (a novel paramyxovirus related to menangle virus), and a reovirus, named pulau virus (puv), which is the subject of this study. puv di ...200616205863
experimental nipah virus infection in pteropid bats (pteropus poliocephalus).seventeen grey-headed fruit bats (pteropus poliocephalus) were inoculated subcutaneously with an isolate of nipah virus derived from a fatally infected human. a control group of eight guinea-pigs was inoculated intraperitoneally with the same isolate in order to confirm virulence. three of eight infected guinea-pigs developed clinical signs 7-9 days post-inoculation. infected fruit bats developed a subclinical infection characterized by the transient presence of virus within selected viscera, ep ...200717498518
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