nipah virus encephalitis outbreak in malaysia.emerging infectious diseases involving zoonosis have become important global health problems. the 1998 outbreak of severe febrile encephalitis among pig farmers in malaysia caused by a newly emergent paramyxovirus, nipah virus, is a good example. this disease has the potential to spread to other countries through infected animals and can cause considerable economic loss. the clinical presentation includes segmental myoclonus, areflexia, hypertension, and tachycardia, and histologic evidence incl ...200211938496
lessons from the nipah virus outbreak in malaysia.the nipah virus outbreak in malaysia (september 1998 to may 1999) resulted in 265 cases of acute encephalitis with 105 deaths, and near collapse of the billion-dollar pig-farming industry. because it was initially attributed to japanese encephalitis, early control measures were ineffective, and the outbreak spread to other parts of malaysia and nearby singapore. the isolation of the novel aetiological agent, the nipah virus (niv), from the cerebrospinal fluid of an outbreak victim was the turnin ...200719108397
duration of maternal antibodies against canine distemper virus and hendra virus in pteropid bats.old world frugivorous bats have been identified as natural hosts for emerging zoonotic viruses of significant public health concern, including henipaviruses (nipah and hendra virus), ebola virus, and marburg virus. epidemiological studies of these viruses in bats often utilize serology to describe viral dynamics, with particular attention paid to juveniles, whose birth increases the overall susceptibility of the population to a viral outbreak once maternal immunity wanes. however, little is unde ...201323826322
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