isolation and characterization of a novel gammaherpesvirus from a microbat cell line.while employing deep sequencing and de novo assembly to characterize the mrna transcript profile of a cell line derived from the microbat myotis velifer incautus, we serendipitously identified mrnas encoding proteins with a high level of identity to herpesviruses. a majority were closely related to proteins of equine herpesvirus 2 (ehv-2), a horse gammaherpesvirus. we demonstrated by electron microscopy the presence of herpesvirus-like particles in the microbat cells. passage of supernatants fro ...201727303702
discovery of a novel bat gammaherpesvirus.zoonosis is the leading cause of emerging infectious diseases. in a recent article, r. s. shabman et al. (msphere 1[1]:e00070-15, 2016, report the identification of a novel gammaherpesvirus in a cell line derived from the microbat myotis velifer incautus. this is the first report on a replicating, infectious gammaherpesvirus from bats. the new virus is named bat gammaherpesvirus 8 (bghv8), also known as myotis gammaherpesvirus 8, and is able to infect ...201727303690
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