large serological survey showing cocirculation of ebola and marburg viruses in gabonese bat populations, and a high seroprevalence of both viruses in rousettus aegyptiacus.ebola and marburg viruses cause highly lethal hemorrhagic fevers in humans. recently, bats of multiple species have been identified as possible natural hosts of zaire ebolavirus (zebov) in gabon and republic of congo, and also of marburgvirus (marv) in gabon and democratic republic of congo.200919785757
dendritic cells generated from mops condylurus, a likely filovirus reservoir host, are susceptible to and activated by zaire ebolavirus infection.ebola virus infection of human dendritic cells (dcs) induces atypical adaptive immune responses and thereby exacerbates ebola virus disease (evd). human dcs, infected with ebola virus aberrantly express low levels of the dc activation markers cd80, cd86, and mhc class ii. the t cell responses ensuing are commonly anergic rather than protective against evd. we hypothesize that dcs derived from potential reservoir hosts such as bats, which do not develop disease signs in response to ebola virus in ...201931681302
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