comparative phylogeography of african fruit bats (chiroptera, pteropodidae) provide new insights into the outbreak of ebola virus disease in west africa, 2014-2016.both ebolavirus and marburgvirus were detected in several fruit bat species of the family pteropodidae, suggesting that this taxon plays a key role in the life cycle of filoviruses. after four decades of zaire ebolavirus (zebov) outbreaks in central africa, the virus was detected for the first time in west africa in 2014. to better understand the role of fruit bats as potential reservoirs and circulating hosts between central and west africa, we examine here the phylogeny and comparative phyloge ...201727746072
seroepidemiological prevalence of multiple species of filoviruses in fruit bats (eidolon helvum) migrating in africa.fruit bats are suspected to be a natural reservoir of filoviruses, including ebola and marburg viruses. using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on the viral glycoprotein antigens, we detected filovirus-specific immunoglobulin g antibodies in 71 of 748 serum samples collected from migratory fruit bats (eidolon helvum) in zambia during 2006-2013. although antibodies to african filoviruses (eg, zaire ebolavirus) were most prevalent, some serum samples showed distinct specificity for reston ...201525786916
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