rickettsia buchneri sp. nov., a rickettsial endosymbiont of the blacklegged tick ixodes scapularis.we obtained a rickettsial isolate from the ovaries of the blacklegged tick, ixodes scapularis. the isolate (iso7(t)) was grown in the ixodes ricinus embryonic cell line ire11. we characterized the isolate by transmission electron microscopy and gene sequencing. phylogenetic analysis of 11 housekeeping genes demonstrated that the isolate fulfils the criteria to be classified as a representative of a novel rickettsial species closely related to 'rickettsia monacensis'. these rickettsiae form a cla ...201525563918
range expansion and increasing borrelia burgdorferi infection of the tick ixodes scapularis (acari: ixodidae) in iowa, 1990-2013.a passive surveillance program monitored ticks submitted by the public in iowa from 1990-2013. submitted ticks were identified to species and life stage, and ixodes scapularis say nymphs and adults were tested for the presence of borrelia burgdorferi. an average of 2.6 of iowa's 99 counties submitted first reports of i. scapularis per year over the surveillance period, indicating expansion of this tick species across the state. the proportion of vector ticks infected by b. burgdorferi increased ...201728633503
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