identification of a new broadly cross-reactive epitope within domain iii of the duck tembusu virus e 2010, a pathogenic flavivirus termed duck tembusu virus (dtmuv) caused widespread outbreak of egg-drop syndrome in domesticated ducks in china. although the glycoprotein e of dtmuv is an important structural component of the virus, the b-cell epitopes of this protein remains uncharacterized. using phage display and mutagenesis, we identified a minimal b-cell epitope, (374)exe/dppfg(380), that mediates binding to a nonneutralizing monoclonal antibody. dtmuv-positive duck serum reacted with the ...201627824100
development of a blocking elisa for detection of serum neutralizing antibodies against newly emerged duck tembusu virus.since april 2010, domesticated ducks in china have been suffering from an emerging infectious disease characterized by retarded growth, high fever, loss of appetite, decline in egg production, and death. the causative agent was identified as a duck tembusu virus (dtmuv), a member of the ntaya virus (ntav) group within the genus flavivirus, family flaviviridae. dtmuv is highly contagious and spreads rapidly in many species of ducks. more than 10 million shelducks have been infected and approximat ...201223300851
structural, antigenic, and evolutionary characterizations of the envelope protein of newly emerging duck tembusu virus.since the first reported cases of ducks infected with a previously unknown flavivirus in eastern china in april 2010, the virus, provisionally designated duck tembusu virus (dtmuv), has spread widely in domestic ducks in china and caused significant economic losses to poultry industry. in this study, we examined in detail structural, antigenic, and evolutionary properties of envelope (e) proteins of six dtmuv isolates spanning 2010-2012, each being isolated from individual farms with different g ...201323990944
efficacy assessment of an inactivated tembusu virus vaccine candidate in tembusu virus (tmuv) is a recently identified pathogen that causes severe egg drop and neurological disease in domestic duck and goose flocks. the infection has spread across the china mainland since its outbreak in 2010. effective vaccines are needed to fight the disease. in this work, we describe the development and laboratory assessment of a cell culture-derived, inactivated duck tmuv vaccine. the tmuv-jxsp strain was successfully propagated on a baby hamster kidney cell line (bhk-21), i ...201728159240
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