a metagenomic comparison of endemic viruses from broiler chickens with runting-stunting syndrome and from normal birds.runting-stunting syndrome (rss) in broiler chickens is an enteric disease that causes significant economic losses to poultry producers worldwide due to elevated feed conversion ratios, decreased body weight during growth, and excessive culling. of specific interest are the viral agents associated with rss which have been difficult to fully characterize to date. past research into the aetiology of rss has implicated a wide variety of rna and dna viruses however, to date, no individual virus has b ...201627215546
identification of a picornavirus from chickens with transmissible viral proventriculitis using metagenomic analysis.transmissible viral proventriculitis (tvp), an infectious disease in chickens, is responsible for economic losses in the commercial poultry industry. the major etiologic agent, however, is unknown. using metagenomics, we compared the diversity of viruses present in proventriculus samples from flocks diagnosed with tvp to those of healthy flocks in south korea between 2003 and 2012. each sample had a mean of 21,538,726 sequence reads generated by high-throughput sequencing, with a mean length of ...201525559673
comparative complete genome analysis of chicken and turkey megriviruses (family picornaviridae): long 3' untranslated regions with a potential second open reading frame and evidence for possible recombination.members of the family picornaviridae consist of small positive-sense single-stranded rna (+ssrna) viruses capable of infecting various vertebrate species, including birds. one of the recently identified avian picornaviruses, with a remarkably long (>9,040-nucleotide) but still incompletely sequenced genome, is turkey hepatitis virus 1 (thv-1; species melegrivirus a, genus megrivirus), a virus associated with liver necrosis and enteritis in commercial turkeys (meleagris gallopavo). this report pr ...201424672039
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