detection and molecular characterization of chicken astrovirus associated with chicks that have an unusual condition known as "white chicks" in brazil.chicken astrovirus (castv) is one of many viruses related to enteric diseases in poultry that are associated with runting-stunting syndrome (rss), which affects young chickens. castv was also recently associated with an unusual condition in chicks called "white chicks." some hatcheries in certain states of brazil have reported several incubation problems, mortality, and the presence of chicks with white plumages over the past several months. these chicks were termed locally as "white chicks." th ...201626976903
molecular detection of chicken parvovirus in broilers with enteric disorders presenting curving of duodenal loop, pancreatic atrophy, and mesenteritis.enteric disorders are an important cause of economic losses in broiler chickens worldwide. several agents have been associated with enteric problems, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. in this study, broiler chickens showing signs of enteric disorders were subjected to molecular diagnosis for several viral agents and also for pathological examination for elucidating this problem. thus, the chickens were screened for avian nephritis virus (anv), chicken astrovirus (castv), avian rotavirus ...201626908891
isolation of chicken astrovirus from specific pathogen-free chicken embryonated eggs.astroviruses have been associated with enteric disorders in many animal species, including chickens. here, we describe the isolation, propagation, and pathological characteristics of chicken astrovirus (castv) in specific pathogen free (spf) chicken embryonated eggs (cee) from chickens with diarrhea and runting-stunting syndrome. the cee were inoculated via the yolk sac route. viral confirmation was carried out using pcr techniques and transmission electron microscopy negative staining with ammo ...201525805833
molecular survey of enteric viruses in commercial chicken farms in korea with a history of enteritis.several enteric viruses have increasingly received attention as potential causative agents of runting-stunting syndrome (rss) in chickens. a molecular survey was performed to determine the presence of a broad range of enteric viruses, namely chicken astrovirus (castv), avian nephritis virus (anv), chicken parvovirus (chpv), infectious bronchitis virus (ibv), avian rotavirus (avrv), avian reovirus (arv), and fowl adenovirus (fadv), in intestinal samples derived from 34 commercial chicken flocks t ...201324135590
genetic characterization of parvoviruses circulating in turkey and chicken flocks in poland.between 2008 and 2011, commercial turkey and chicken flocks in poland were examined for the presence of turkey parvovirus (tupv) and chicken parvovirus (chpv). clinical samples (10 individual faecal swabs/flock) from 197 turkey flocks (turkeys aged 1 to 19 weeks) and 45 chicken flocks (chickens aged 3 to 17 weeks) were collected in different regions of the country and tested using a pcr assay that targeted the ns1 gene (3'orf). the prevalence of tupv was 29.4 % in the flocks tested, while chpv i ...201223011307
expression of chicken parvovirus vp2 in chicken embryo fibroblasts requires codon optimization for production of naked dna and vectored meleagrid herpesvirus type 1 vaccines.meleagrid herpesvirus type 1 (mehv-1) is an ideal vector for the expression of antigens from pathogenic avian organisms in order to generate vaccines. chicken parvovirus (chpv) is a widespread infectious virus that causes serious disease in chickens. it is one of the etiological agents largely suspected in causing runting stunting syndrome (rss) in chickens. initial attempts to express the wild-type gene encoding the capsid protein vp2 of chpv by insertion into the thymidine kinase gene of mehv- ...201323861017
chicken parvovirus-induced runting-stunting syndrome in young broilers.previously we identified a novel parvovirus from enteric contents of chickens that were affected by enteric diseases. comparative sequence analysis showed that the chicken parvovirus (chpv) represented a new member in the parvoviridae family. here, we describe some of the pathogenic characteristics of chpv in young broilers. following experimental infection, 2-day-old broiler chickens showed characteristic signs of enteric disease. runting-stunting syndrome (rss) was observed in four of five exp ...201323678740
occurrence of chicken parvovirus infection in poland.the aim of the foregoing study was the determination of the occurrence of parvovirus in chicken flocks from different regions of poland during 2002-2011. the material used for this study originated from chickens showing clinical symptoms of stunting and emaciation. for the quick detection of genetic material of the viruses in field samples, real-time pcr was applied. the conducted study implied on the occurrence of parvoviral infections in poland in approximately 18% of investigated chicken floc ...201222393336
genetic characterization of three novel chicken parvovirus strains based on analysis of their coding sequences.chicken parvovirus (chpv) is one of the causative agents of viral enteritis. recently, the genome of the abu-p1 strain of chpv was fully sequenced and determined to have a distinct genomic composition compared with that of vertebrate parvoviruses. however, no comparative sequence analysis of coding regions of chpvs was possible because of the lack of other sequence information. in this study, we obtained the nucleotide sequences of all genomic coding regions of three chpvs by polymerase chain re ...201525510852
determination and analysis of the full-length chicken parvovirus genome.viral enteric disease in poultry is an ongoing problem in many parts of the world. many enteric viruses have been identified in turkeys and chickens, including avian astroviruses, rotaviruses, reoviruses, and coronaviruses. through the application of a molecular screening method targeting particle-associated nucleic acid (pan), we recently described the detection and partial characterization of a novel enteric parvovirus in chickens. subsequent surveys of intestinal homogenates from turkeys and ...201020097398
isolation and molecular characterisation of chicken parvovirus from brazilian flocks with enteric disorders.1. the presence of parvovirus in chickens with enteric disease was investigated in commercial flocks in brazil. 2. the intestinal contents of chickens exhibiting clinical signs of diarrhoea, weight loss or mortality were examined, and chicken parvovirus (chpv) was identified using a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay. the samples were sequenced and inoculated into specific-pathogen-free (spf) embryonated eggs to isolate the virus. 3. necropsies showed that the embryos were dwarfish, haemorrha ...201525633520
chicken parvovirus viral loads in cloacal swabs from malabsorption syndrome-affected and healthy broilers.chicken parvovirus (chpv) has been associated with malabsorption syndrome (mas) in broilers. however, the participation of this virus in such syndrome is unclear, since it may be detected in diseased and healthy chickens. in the course of these studies, it was argued whether chpv genome loads might be correlated to the occurrence of mas. to check such a hypothesis, a sybr green-based quantitative polymerase chain reaction was developed to detect and quantify chpv genomes. cloacal swabs from 68 b ...201627627905
chicken parvovirus and its associations with malabsorption syndrome.malabsorption syndrome (mas) is a multifactorial syndrome which is characterized by enteric disorders and reduced growth rates of broilers. such condition is responsible for significant economic losses to the poultry industry. a possible association between chicken parvovirus (chpv) infections and the occurrence of mas has been proposed. however, such association has not to date been elucidated in view that chpv has been detected in healthy as well as in mas-affected chickens. this study aimed t ...201627473992
genetic and phylogenetic analysis of a novel parvovirus isolated from chickens in guangxi, china.a previously unidentified chicken parvovirus (chpv) strain, associated with runting-stunting syndrome (rss), is now endemic among chickens in china. to explore the genetic diversity of chpv strains, we determined the first complete genome sequence of a novel chpv isolate (gx-ch-pv-7) identified in chickens in guang xi, china, and showed moderate genome sequence similarity to reference strains. analysis showed that the viral genome sequence is 86.4 %-93.9 % identical to those of other chpvs. gene ...201627503240
a metagenomic comparison of endemic viruses from broiler chickens with runting-stunting syndrome and from normal birds.runting-stunting syndrome (rss) in broiler chickens is an enteric disease that causes significant economic losses to poultry producers worldwide due to elevated feed conversion ratios, decreased body weight during growth, and excessive culling. of specific interest are the viral agents associated with rss which have been difficult to fully characterize to date. past research into the aetiology of rss has implicated a wide variety of rna and dna viruses however, to date, no individual virus has b ...201627215546
investigation into the aetiology of runting and stunting syndrome in chickens.currently, the aetiology of runting and stunting syndrome (rss) in chickens is unknown. the impact of rss on weight gain and microscopic lesions in immunological organs and the duodenum, was investigated in 1-day-old commercial broilers at 12 days following exposure to rss-contaminated litter. furthermore, the presence of the viral nucleic acids of three astroviruses and one parvovirus was analysed by in situ hybridization from days 1 through 5 post exposure. a 70% decrease in weight was observe ...201222845320
emergence of enteric viruses in production chickens is a concern for avian health.several viruses have been identified in recent years in the intestinal contents of chickens and turkeys with enteric problems, which have been observed in commercial farms worldwide, including brazil. molecular detection of these viruses in brazil can transform to a big threat for poultry production due to risk for intestinal integrity. this disease is characterized by severely delayed growth, low uniformity, lethargy, watery diarrhea, delayed feed consumption, and a decreased conversion rate. c ...201424578633
incidence of parvoviruses in chickens infected with marek's disease virus.the aim of the study was to determine co-occurrence of marek's disease virus (mdv) and chicken parvovirus (chpv) co-occurrence in field chicken flocks. the materials for the study derived from 115 broiler chickens or layer hens originated from 23 farms with suspicion of marek's disease (md). dual infection with mdv and chpv was found in 23 (20%) examined chickens. the results obtained suggest a possibility of influence of chpv infection on efficacy of the md vaccines.201324195296
congenital cerebellar dysplasia in white leghorn chickens (gallus gallus domesticus).congenital cerebellar anomalies have been rarely reported in birds. we examined cerebellums with disorganized folia from seven specific-pathogen-free white leghorn chickens (gallus gallus domesticus). islands of heterotopic cortex were distributed from the deeper cortices to the medulla in the cerebellum. the characteristic lesions were composed of randomly admixed components of the cerebellar cortex, including purkinje cells, a molecular layer and granular cells. immunofluorescent analysis reve ...201424498885
naturally occurring parvoviral infection in hungarian broiler flocks.the major enteric disease (ed) complex in broiler chickens is runting-stunting syndrome and in turkey broilers is poult enteritis mortality syndrome. viruses from numerous families have been identified in the intestinal tracts of poultry with ed, such as astroviridae, coronaviridae, reoviridae, rotaviridae, and parvoviridae. the objective of the present study was to directly demonstrate the presence of the scarcely known chicken parvovirus (chpv) and turkey parvovirus (tupv) in hungarian flocks ...201121500039
significance of parvoviruses, entero-like viruses and reoviruses in the aetiology of the chicken malabsorption syndrome.specific-pathogen-free white leghorn chickens and commercial broilers were inoculated orally at 1 day of age with different intestinal preparations containing a chicken parvovirus, an entero-like virus associated with a reovirus from field materials, or the entero-like viruses and reovirus alone. despite viral multiplication in inoculated birds, no clinical signs or growth retardation were observed in spf and broiler chickens infected with the reo or parvoviruses. abnormal faeces and reduction i ...198618766578
high prevalence of turkey parvovirus in turkey flocks from hungary experiencing enteric disease syndromes.samples collected in 2008 and 2009, from 49 turkey flocks of 6 to 43 days in age and presenting clinical signs of enteric disease and high mortality, were tested by polymerase chain reaction and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for the presence of viruses currently associated with enteric disease (ed) syndromes: astrovirus, reovirus, rotavirus, coronavirus, adenovirus, and parvovirus. turkey astroviruses were found in 83.67% of the cases and turkey astrovirus 2 (tast-2) in 26.53%. ...201122017049
development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to detect chicken parvovirus-specific we report the development and application of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) to detect parvovirus-specific antibodies in chicken sera. we used an approach previously described for other parvoviruses to clone and express viral structural proteins in insect cells from recombinant baculovirus vectors. in baculovirus recombinant-infected sf9 cells, the chicken parvovirus (chpv) structural viral protein 2 (vp2) was detected as an abundant protein, and the 60-kda vp2 strongly reacted ...200920095161
the genome structure of a new chicken virus identifies it as a parvovirus.the nucleic acid of chicken parvovirus-like particles showed sensitivity to dnase and s1 nuclease treatment and resistance to digestion with rnase. viral dna readily served as a template for self-primed conversion in vitro into a double-stranded form of about 5200 base pairs. there was no evidence for encapsidation of strands of opposite polarities. these findings confirm the taxonomic classification of chicken parvovirus-like particles as fowl parvovirus type 1 within the parvovirus genus of th ...19852995561
identification and phylogenetic diversity of parvovirus circulating in commercial chicken and turkey flocks in croatia.phylogenetic diversity of parvovirus detected in commercial chicken and turkey flocks is described. nine chicken and six turkey flocks from croatian farms were tested for parvovirus presence. intestinal samples from one turkey and seven chicken flocks were found positive, and were sequenced. natural parvovirus infection was more frequently detected in chickens than in turkeys examined in this study. sequence analysis of 400 nucleotide fragments of the nonstructural gene (ns) showed that our sequ ...201122312994
parvovirus-associated cerebellar hypoplasia and hydrocephalus in day old broiler chickens.cerebellar hypoplasia and hydrocephalus were identified in day old broiler chickens showing nervous signs, impaired mobility, and diarrhea. at postmortem examination, brains of chickens were misshapen and cerebellums were smaller than normal. microscopically, cerebellar folia were reduced in size and irregularly shaped, and the ventricles were widely distended. affected cerebellums had focal areas along the base of folia where the internal granular cell layer had been lost, and purkinje cells we ...201020408417
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