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muscular sarcocystosis in two arctic foxes (vulpes lagopus) due to sarcocystis arctica n. sp.: sarcocyst morphology, molecular characteristics and phylogeny.the arctic fox (vulpes lagopus) is a critically endangered species in norway, and therefore, the small population is closely monitored, and most foxes found dead are subjected to necropsy. in two deceased foxes, thin-walled muscular sarcocysts were first detected in histological sections, and numerous sarcocysts were later found in frozen and thawed muscle samples from fox 1. these sarcocysts measured 1-12 × 0.1-0.25 mm and had closely spaced, short, knob-like protrusions, giving the cysts a ser ...201424297693
molecular characterisation of sarcocystis lutrae n. sp. and toxoplasma gondii from the musculature of two eurasian otters (lutra lutra) in norway.sarcocysts were detected in routinely processed histological sections of skeletal muscle, but not cardiac muscle, of two adult male otters (lutra lutra; mustelidae) from northern norway following their post-mortem examination in 1999 and 2000. the sarcocysts were slender, spindle-shaped, up to 970 μm long and 35-70 μm in greatest diameter. the sarcocyst wall was thin (∼ 0.5 μm) and smooth with no visible protrusions. portions of unfixed diaphragm of both animals were collected at the autopsies a ...201525512210
sarcocystis arctica (apicomplexa: sarcocystidae): ultrastructural description and its new host record, the alaskan wolf (canis lupus).sarcocystis sarcocysts are common in muscles of herbivores but are rare in muscles of carnivores. here, we report sarcocysts in the muscles of a gray wolf (canis lupus) from alaska, usa, for the first time. sarcocysts extracted from the tongue of the wolf were up to 900 μm long and slender and appeared to have a relatively thin wall by light microscope. by transmission electron microscopy, the sarcocyst wall most closely resembled "type 9c," and had a wavy parasitophorous vacuolar membrane folde ...201627112760
morphological and molecular characterization of sarcocystis arctica-like sarcocysts from the arctic fox (vulpes lagopus) from alaska, usa.the muscles of herbivores commonly harbor sarcocysts of parasites belonging to species in the genus sarcocystis, but such muscle parasites are rare in carnivores. here, we report sarcocystis arctica-like sarcocysts in muscles of arctic foxes (vulpes lagopus) from alaska, usa, for the first time. the tongues of 56 foxes were examined for sarcocystis infection using several methods. sarcocystis bradyzoites were detected in pepsin digests of 13 (23.2%), and sarcocysts were found in histological sec ...201728503709
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