redescription of balantidium polyvacuolum li 1963 (class: litostomatea) inhabiting the intestines of xenocyprinae fishes in hubei, china.redescription of balantidium polyvacuolum li 1963, collected from the hindgut of xenocypris davidi and xenocypris argentea, from niushan lake fishery (30 degrees 19' n, 114 degrees 31' e) in wuhan city, hubei province, china in april and june 2007 is presented in this paper to complete li's description at both light and scanning electronic microscopic levels. the unique body shape of b. polyvacuolum-highly arched dorsal side and flattened ventral surface-as well as its remarkable concave platele ...200919865830
new insights into the molecular phylogeny of balantidium (ciliophora, vetibuliferida) based on the analysis of new sequences of species from fish hosts.we obtained sequences of the small subunit ribosomal rna (rrna) for two new isolates of balantidium from fishes, balantidium polyvacuolum and balantidium ctenopharingodoni. this is the first introduction of molecular data of balantidium species from fish hosts in the phylogenetic analyses of the ciliate subclass trichostomatia. despite the fact that these species share morphological characteristics common to other species of balantidium, the phylogenetic analysis of their sequences has shown tha ...201425339517
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