a new species of trichuris (nematoda: trichuridae) from phyllotini rodents in argentina.a new species of trichuris is described. trichuris pardinasi n. sp. was recovered from phyllotis xanthopygus waterhouse (rodentia: muridae: phyllotini) in sierra de la ventana, buenos aires province, and pampa de achala, córdoba province (argentina). this is the first record of trichuris parasitizing phyllotini rodents. the new species can be differentiated from the other 10 species parasitizing rodents from south america by the absence of the spicular tube, spicular sheath with spines uniformly ...200616629323
morphological-molecular characterization and phylogenetic relationships of a new trichuris species (nematoda: trichuridae) parasitic on holochilus chacarius (cricetidae: sigmodontinae) from the chaco ecoregion (argentina).a new trichuris species isolated from holochilus chacarius (cricetidae: sigmodontinae) from the chaco ecoregion in argentina is described based on morphological characteristics and mitochondrial (cox1, cob) and nuclear (its2) markers. the new species is distinguished from 27 species of trichuris from north and south american rodents based on morphological and biometrical features, such as the absence of a spicular tube, presence of a cylindrical spicular sheath, non-protrusive vulva, length of s ...201729241714
molecular diversification of trichuris spp. from sigmodontinae (cricetidae) rodents from argentina based on mitochondrial dna sequences.a molecular phylogenetic hypothesis is presented for the genus trichuris based on sequence data from mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase 1 (cox1) and cytochrome b (cob). the taxa consisted of nine populations of whipworm from five species of sigmodontinae rodents from argentina. bayesian inference, maximum parsimony, and maximum likelihood methods were used to infer phylogenies for each gene separately but also for the combined mitochondrial data and the combined mitochondrial and nuclear dataset ...201627083190
morphological and molecular characterization of a new trichuris species (nematoda- trichuridae), and phylogenetic relationships of trichuris species of cricetid rodents from argentina.populations of trichuris spp. isolated from six species of sigmodontine rodents from argentina were analyzed based on morphological characteristics and its2 (rdna) region sequences. molecular data provided an opportunity to discuss the phylogenetic relationships among the trichuris spp. from noth and south america (mainly from argentina). trichuris specimens were identified morphologically as trichuris pardinasi, t. navonae, trichuris sp. and trichuris new species, described in this paper. seque ...201425393618
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