cross-neutralization of antibodies induced by vaccination with purified chick embryo cell vaccine (pcecv) against different lyssavirus species.rabies is a neglected zoonotic disease caused by viruses belonging to the genus lyssavirus. in endemic countries of asia and africa, where the majority of the estimated 60,000 human rabies deaths occur, it is mainly caused by the classical rabies virus (rabv) transmitted by dogs. over the last decade new species within the genus lyssavirus have been identified. meanwhile 15 (proposed or classified) species exist, including australian bat lyssavirus (ablv), european bat lyssavirus (eblv-1 and -2) ...201425483634
novel lyssavirus in bat, spain.a new tentative lyssavirus, lleida bat lyssavirus, was found in a bent-winged bat (miniopterus schreibersii) in spain. it does not belong to phylogroups i or ii, and it seems to be more closely related to the west causasian bat virus, and especially to the ikoma lyssavirus.201323648051
complete genome sequence of lleida bat lyssavirus.all lyssaviruses (family rhabdoviridae) cause the disease rabies, an acute progressive encephalitis for which, once symptoms occur, there is no effective cure. using next-generation sequencing, the full-genome sequence for a novel lyssavirus, lleida bat lyssavirus (llebv), from the original brain of a common bent-winged bat has been confirmed.201728082487
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