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reassortant group a rotavirus from straw-colored fruit bat (eidolon helvum).bats are known reservoirs of viral zoonoses. we report genetic characterization of a bat rotavirus (bat/ke4852/07) detected in the feces of a straw-colored fruit bat (eidolon helvum). six bat rotavirus genes (viral protein [vp] 2, vp6, vp7, nonstructural protein [nsp] 2, nsp3, and nsp5) shared ancestry with other mammalian rotaviruses but were distantly related. the vp4 gene was nearly identical to that of human p[6] rotavirus strains, and the nsp4 gene was closely related to those of previously ...201021122212
the complete genome sequence of a g3p[10] chinese bat rotavirus suggests multiple bat rotavirus inter-host species transmission events. 201425218875
detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome-like, middle east respiratory syndrome-like bat coronaviruses and group h rotavirus in faeces of korean bats.bat species around the world have recently been recognized as major reservoirs of several zoonotic viruses, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (sars-cov), middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov), nipah virus and hendra virus. in this study, consensus primer-based reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reactions (rt-pcrs) and high-throughput sequencing were performed to investigate viruses in bat faecal samples collected at 11 natural bat habitat sites from july ...201627213718
multi-reassortant g3p[3] group a rotavirus in a horseshoe bat in a rotavirus is a major cause of diarrhoea in humans, especially in young children. bats also harbour group a rotaviruses, but the genetic backgrounds of bat rotavirus strains are usually distinct from those of human rotavirus strains. we identified a new strain of group a rotavirus in the intestinal contents of a horseshoe bat in zambia. whole genome sequencing revealed that the identified virus, named rva/bat-wt/zmb/lus12-14/2012/g3p[3], possessed the genotype constellation g3-p[3]-i3-r2- ...201627574104
molecular characterization of a human g20p[28] rotavirus a strain with multiple genes related to bat a rotaviruses are the major cause of severe gastroenteritis in the young of mammals and birds. this report describes characterization of an unusual g20p[28] rotavirus strain detected in a 24month old child from suriname. genomic sequence analyses revealed that the genotype constellation of the suriname strain rva/human-wt/sur/2014735512/2013/g20p[28] was g20-p[28]-i13-r13-c13-m12-a23-n13-t15-e20-h15. genes vp1, vp2, vp3, nsp1, nsp2, nsp3, nsp4 and nsp5 were recently assigned novel genotype ...201829187315
viral metagenomics of six bat species in close contact with humans in southern china.accumulating studies have shown that bats could harbor various important pathogenic viruses that could be transmitted to humans and other animals. extensive metagenomic studies of different organs/tissues from bats have revealed a large number of novel or divergent viruses. to elucidate viral diversity and epidemiological and phylogenetic characteristics, six pooled fecal samples from bats were generated (based on bat species and geographic regions characteristic for virome analysis). these cont ...201828983731
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