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comparison of direct and modified direct complement-fixation and agar-gel precipitin methods in detecting chlamydial antibody in wild birds.detection of chlamydial antibody in serums of wild birds was compared for the following methods: direct complement-fixation (dcf), modified dcf (mdcf), and agar-gel precipitin (agp). the birds species used were great-tailed grackles (cassidix mexicanus), common grackles (quiscalus quiscula), brown-headed cowbirds (molothrus ater), bronzed cowbirds (tangavius aeneus), and mourning doves (zenaida macroura). the birds were either inoculated with an isolate of chlamydia psittaci obtained originally ...1978100098
experimental transmission of chlamydia psittaci to turkeys from wild birds.wild birds were inoculated with chlamydia psittaci to determine species that could be potential hosts and vectors in transmitting the agent to domestic turkeys. infection occurred in turkeys exposed to starlings (sturnus vulgaris), common grackles (quiscalus quiscula), brown-headed cowbirds (molothrus ater), and inca doves (cardafella inca). mourning doves (zenaidura macroura) shed the agent sparingly, but turkeys exposed to them did not become infected, these findings and knowledge of the habit ...1979546413
chlamydia shedding by four species of wild birds.four wild bird species--great-tailed grackle (cassidix mexicanus), common grackle (quiscalus quiscula), brown-headed cowbird (molothrus ater), and mourning dove (zenaidura macroura)--were either inoculated intratracheally with chlamydia psittaci or exposed indirectly as uninoculated cagemates. shedding of chlamydiae was monitored by inoculating mice with suspensions of material eluted from cloacal swabs collected from all birds, usually at 3-day intervals. sporadic shedding of chlamydiae was dem ...1978749892
observations on the involvement of wildlife in an epornitic of chlamydiosis in domestic an investigation of potential wildlife reservoirs of chlamydia psittaci at the site of an acute, highly fatal epornitic of chlamydiosis in domestic turkeys in texas, various species of wild birds and rodents were captured and tested for chlamydial serum antibodies and chlamydiae in their tissues. thirteen (65%) of 20 blackbirds (agelaius sp), 4 (44%) of 9 killdeer (oxyechus vociferus), 3 (27%) of 11 sparrows (passer sp) and 1 of 4 mourning doves (zenaidura macroura) were seropositive, but chl ...1976988009
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