epidemic of salmonellosis in passerine birds in switzerland with spillover to domestic cats.a die-off of passerine birds, mostly eurasian siskins (carduelis spinus), occurred in multiple areas of switzerland between february and march 2010. several of the dead birds were submitted for full necropsy. bacteriological examination was carried out on multiple tissues of each bird. at gross examination, common findings were light-tan nodules, 1 to 4 mm in diameter, scattered through the esophagus/crop. histologically, a necroulcerative transmural esophagitis/ingluvitis was observed. bacteria ...201323125146
salmonella spp. as a cause of mortality and clinical symptoms in free-living garden bird species in poland.some species of garden birds are considered to be sensitive to salmonella (s.) spp. infections. the aim of this study was to determine the cause of mortality of six free-living birds in one private property in suburban area of wrocław (poland). in 2013 poland experienced prolonged winter, with low temperatures and snow precipitations. during march and april, two dead individuals of the eurasian siskin (carduelis spinus) and four dead individuals of the greenfinch (carduelis chloris) were found i ...201425638990
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