health evaluation of african penguins (<i>spheniscus demersus</i>) in southern africa.the african penguin (spheniscus demersus) is an endangered seabird that breeds along the coast of namibia and south africa, and disease surveillance was identified as a priority for its conservation. aiming for the establishment of baseline data on the presence of potential pathogens in this species, a comprehensive health assessment (blood smear examination, haematology, biochemistry and serology) was conducted on samples obtained from 578 african penguins at 11 breeding colonies and a rehabili ...201627796116
newcastle disease virus in little owls (athene noctua) and african penguins (spheniscus demersus) in an israeli zoo.newcastle disease is a contagious and often fatal disease, capable of affecting all species of birds. a velogenic newcastle disease virus (vndv) outbreak occurred in an israeli zoo, in which little owls (athene noctua) and african penguins (spheniscus demersus) were found positive for presence of ndv. some of them have died. the diagnostic process included: post-mortem examination, histopathology, real-time rt-pcr assay, virus isolation, serology, intracerebral pathogenicity index and phylogenet ...201423406442
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