philophthalmus aweerensis n. sp. (trematoda: philophthalmidae) found in a rhea (rhea americana) in the united arab emirates.philophthalmus aweerensis, a new eye fluke species, was discovered in the conjunctival cavities of a rhea in the uae. this fluke was described and differentiated from other eye flukes that had been found in birds in the middle east such as philophthalmus palpebrarum, philophthalmus nocturnus, philophthalmus gralli, philophthalmus lucipetus, philophthalmus distomatosa, and philophthalmus hegeneri. the new species lacks spination and is characterized by a long cirrus pouch extending behind the cau ...201121472402
outbreak of philophthalmus gralli in four greater rheas (rhea americana).using slit-lamp biomicroscopy, conjunctival biopsy, and morphological identification, a flock of four greater rheas (rhea americana) in arizona were diagnosed with conjunctivitis secondary to philophthalmus gralli (p. gralli) infection. aquatic snails from the exhibit's water source were identified as melanoides tuberculatus, a known vector for p. gralli. comparison of partial sequences of dna regions from p. gralli adults removed from the rheas and metacercariae from the aquatic snails demonstr ...201322429741
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