highly pathogenic avian influenza in magpies (pica pica sericea) in south korea.highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) is an extremely infectious, systemic viral disease of birds that produces high mortality and morbidity. hpai was diagnosed in the three dead magpies (pica pica sericea) submitted to the national veterinary research and quarantine service. at necropsy, the prominent lesions were multifocal or coalescing necrosis of the pancreas with enlargement of the livers and spleens. microscopically, there were severely necrotizing pancreatitis and lymphocytic meningoe ...200516244075
the susceptibility of magpies to a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtype h5n1.korean wild magpies (pica pica sericea) were intranasally inoculated with highly pathogenic avian influenza (a/chicken/korea/es/03 virus) (h5n1), which was classified as clade 2.5. we estimated viral replication, death after infection, and histology and immunohistochemistry. this species was highly susceptible to severe infection; 100% of birds died within 5 to 8 d. the virus was detected from oropharyngeal (1 to 5 d postinfection) and cloacal (3 to 5 d postinfection) swabs from infected magpies ...201020460661
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