isolation and characterization of an h9n2 influenza virus isolated in part of our ongoing efforts on animal influenza surveillance in argentina, an h9n2 virus was isolated from a wild aquatic bird (netta peposaca), a/rosy-billed pochard/argentina/cip051-559/2007 (h9n2) - herein referred to as 559/h9n2. due to the important role that h9n2 viruses play in the ecology of influenza in nature, the 559/h9n2 isolate was characterized molecularly and biologically. phylogenetic analysis of the ha gene revealed that the 559/h9n2 virus maintained an independent evolutiona ...201222709552
Phylogenetic Analysis of H6 Influenza Viruses Isolated from Rosy-Billed Pochards (Netta peposaca) in Argentina Reveals the Presence of Different HA Gene Clusters.Until recently, influenza A viruses from wild waterfowl in South America were rarely isolated and/or characterized. To explore the ecology of influenza A viruses in this region, a long-term surveillance program was established in 2006 for resident and migratory water birds in Argentina. We report the characterization of 5 avian influenza viruses of the H6 hemagglutinin (HA) subtype isolated from rosy-billed pochards (Netta peposaca). Three of these viruses were paired to an N2 NA subtype, while ...201121976652
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